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Thermal Shock + EMS Body Sculpting

Reveal Youthful Beauty With T-Shock Facial Toning

Revolutionary CryoContour technology combines Thermal Shock and Electrical Muscle Stimulation for non-invasive fat reduction, cellulite smoothing, skin tightening and muscle toning in 40 minutes. Mimicking body signals ensures deep cold penetration and maximal benefits.

Body Sculpting

Benefits of Thermal Shock + EMS Body Sculpting

With perfectly designed static paddles and built-in electrical impulses, CryoContour imitates your body's own electrical signals, and ensure the cold penetrates deeply conditioning your muscles for immediate circumferential reduction and a firmer body line, providing maximum benefits without any discomfort.

The process of this fat eliminating service tightens skin, smooths away cellulite, increases collagen & elastin while removing fat cells from different areas of the body. ​

Thermal Shock + EMS first warms the skin improving the skin's permeability and micro-circulation of tissues. Next a very rapid cooling of the tissue causes a thermal shock that destroy fat cells, which are then eliminated by natural means.


Target areas include: arms, back, abdomen, "love handles," gluteus, thighs, hips, knees & calves. Please note that each body/target area requires a session.

Fat reduction

Stimulate Collagen

Cellulite Reduction

Skin Rejuvenation

Muscle Toning

Improved Circulation

How Does It Work

T-Shock Cryo Contour





Check-In & Preparation

A technician will examine the target areas, take measurements, and document the current condition with photographs for reference. The technician will place you in a quiet place. Then, cleanse the target area to remove oils, lotions, and debris, ensuring a clean surface

Starting Your Session

A special membrane will be placed on the target area to protect the skin and ensure the temperature conductivity. Then, the technician will place the paddles on the target area, and start the program.

Enhancing Your Natural Beauty

During the entire session, the technician will be monitoring. If you experience any discomfort, don't hesitate to let the technician know. Once the program is complete, the technician will remove the paddles and the membrane; after that, the technician will remove any remaining gel from your skin.

Post-treatment care

After the treatment, lymphatic drainage is important to flush out the fat cell debris. We recommend you to spend at least 30 minutes undergoing a high-intensity workout session, or you can do a session of  the Leg Compression Therapy and/or the Whole Body Cryotherapy.

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