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Leg Compression Therapy

Flow into Balance, Elevate Renewal: Empower Your Lymphatic Health with Leg Compression Therapy

Compression leg therapy can benefit anyone experiencing leg swelling, poor circulation, or related conditions by utilizing air pressure to stimulate blood flow and lymphatic drainage in the legs. It can also enhance the recovery phase following cryotherapy, leaving you with a renewed feeling in your legs!

Leg Compression Therapy

Benefits of Leg Compression Therapy

When you are sitting or standing, the veins in your legs must work against gravity to return blood to your heart. Compression therapy, using NormaTec boots, gently squeezes the legs, promoting faster blood flow and maintaining its proper direction.

Suitable for various needs, compression leg therapy addresses swelling, circulation issues, leg fatigue, venous insufficiency, lymphedema, and sore muscles. It is embraced by athletes after workouts and individuals with medical concerns. However, it can also be used by anyone in need of relief for their legs, especially after long walks, extended periods of standing, or following a lengthy trip where blood flow may be slowed

Combine Compression Leg Therapy with Facial Cryotherapy, T-Shock Facial, or T-Shock + EMS Body Sculpting to maximize the benefits of each treatment and save time!


Improves blood circulation

Reduces inflammation

Enhance lymphatic drainage

Speed up muscles recovery

Prevents blood clots

Remove waste products

Reduces muscle soreness

Prevents and improves varicose veins

How Does It Work

Normatec Leg compression therapy






A technician will place you in a quiet place to set up the Normatec Boots, and give you all the instructions. Wear lightweight and comfortable clothing to allow the boots to fit properly. Make sure you check the contraindications before starting your session. 

Set up boots to your special needs

The technician will insert your legs into the boots, ensuring that the boots cover your entire lower extremities from the feet up to the thighs, turn on the control unit and select the appropriate pressure level and mode.

Enjoy the squeezing

The NormaTec boots will start inflating and deflating sequentially, applying a gentle massaging action to your legs. Relax and allow the boots to work. You can read, listen to music, or engage in a calming activity during the session.

Completing the session

The technician will gently remove your legs from the boots. Allow a few minutes for your legs to adjust before standing up. You can perform gentle leg movements, such as ankle pumps and calf stretches, to further enhance circulation.

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