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Whole Body Cryotherapy

Revitalize, Energize, and Freeze Your Way to Wellness with Whole Body Cryotherapy!

Our non-invasive 3-minute cold therapy will cool your body using gasified nitrogen inside the chamber. This activates the "cold-shock proteins". Right after the session you will notice a boost in energy, muscle and joint pain relief, and many other positive benefits.

cryotherapy to relieve back pain

Benefits of Whole Body Cryotherapy

During a Cryotherapy session, blood will rush to the core. Once the session is over, it returns to the extremities carrying freshly released neurotransmitters and hormones that can dramatically lower inflammation, increase collagen levels, boost mood, accelerate recovery, and increase focus, among many other benefits.

Three minutes inside the chamber stimulates the VAGUS NERVE, our brain's most significant communication tool with the organs, activating two areas of the nervous system.

The sympathetic system, responsible for the "Fight or Flight" response, is activated during the exposure to extreme cold, releasing endorphins and the correct dose of "stressors" to keep you alert. The parasympathetic "Rest or Digest" response is activated upon exit from the cold environment, promoting relaxation and recovery. ​ In response to cold exposure, the body accelerates metabolism, burning fat and boosting energy to generate heat.

Weekly sessions are ideal to maintain and optimize your lifestyle.

Reduce Anxiety

Help Hangovers

Increase Collagen levels

Increase Energy

Burn Calories

Reduce Inflammation

Treat Skin Conditions

Recover Faster

Better Sleep

Pain Relief

How Does It Work

Whole Body Cryotherapy






A technician will provide you with the elements for the session (rope, socks, and shoes), and double check that you meet the requirements for the session.

Get ready for the session

Change in our changing rooms. You must keep your underwear and remove or cover any body piercings. The technician will adjust the height inside the chamber; your head will remain outside of the chamber during the entire session.

Live the experience of cryo

Go inside the chamber and the technician will provide instructions and will stay with you during the session.

Allow your body to recover

Wait for a few minutes in our location while your body warms up. Your body will start the recovery phase. Then you will be ready for the next cryo session!

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